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the focus titanium

It’s been a few weeks since i’ve had the opportunity to test-drive the

2013 ford focus titanium

& it’s been quite an adventure –
the easy commutes through city traffic,
the plethora of technological goodies that has me feeling like i’m in a candy store,
the surprising quality of the gutsy engine,
& the awesome fuel consumption that makes driving less about gas stations,
& more about the freedom to simply explore.

i’ve also almost been in an accident:
an oncoming car had beaten the red while i was making a turn,
& even in the rain & over the slippery Melbourne tram tracks,
the brakes did what they had to seamlessly.

the focus titanium

So take this car out for a roadtrip –
the diesel will effortlessly last the entire journey,
the nifty handling will make it a breeze to navigate through majestic & winding mountain roads,
the bluetooth sync feature will give you the memorable soundtrack to your scenic drive,
the roomy interior will comfortably sit everybody for hours on the road,
& the clever cruise control will practically chauffeur you to wherever you like.

the focus titanium

yeah, i’ll say it –
i’m going to miss this little blue car.