Chocolate On My Mind | Blood & Cake For Halloween


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I feel that to live is inevitable. In springtime I can sit smoking for hours, simply existing. But existing can sometimes cost blood, & there is no way of avoiding this because it is in my blood that I feel spring. & it hurts. Spring gives me things. It gives me the wherewithal to live. & I feel that I shall die on a spring day. Die of wounding love & a broken heart.
— Clarice Lispector, I Know What Spring Is Like (Selected Cronicas)

Along with Halloween comes Spring in this part of the world.
gothic magic, chocolate skulls & luscious seasonal roses intertwine,
& I get to create blood & gore & sweet cake altogether in wild abandon.
so for Halloween this year,
I got to relish in my favourite time of the year for intriguing desserts.
this cake is velvety chocolate & espresso underneath the crimson facade,
with almond sugar cookies & gummy eyeballs & rice krispie maggots for good measure!

You loved me the other day. You wanted me to sit beside you in the dark. Didn’t I feel it – didn’t I know? There’s something between us – a sort of pull. Something you always do to me & I to you.
— F. Scott Fitzgerald, Presumption