The Edible Halloween Spooky Garden


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I love how Halloween gives me the creative freedom to maniacally massacre a cake,
& be in the true spirit of the occasion!
& that means all guts, blood & gore galore!
more the nightmare before christmas,
than smiley pumpkins & fluffy ghosts.

so this year,
i created a spooky garden made out of red velvet & oreos,
complete with insects made out of dates & chocolate,
bleeding gummy eyeballs, 
& severed sugar cookie fingers!
plant a sprinkling of dying florals in the dirt,
& it’s a devilishly sinful dessert to dig into!
these severed fingers are my new favourite thing to make!
here’s how it’s done!


your favourite sugar cookie recipe
sliced almond
condensed milk
red food colouring
black food colouring


1. Take a portion of the cookie dough & roll it out into a small log the size of a finger.
2. Shape the knuckles by pinching in two places.
3. Slightly indent the top of one end to form the nail well, & press a sliced almond in to create the nail.
4. Tear off a small piece of the other end for a severed effect.
5. Score the knuckles with a knife. Score the underside to make it look more realistic.
6. Chill on the baking tray for at least 1 hour or overnight.
7. Dye the condensed milk with the red & black food colouring until it looks like blood.
8. Bake the fingers.
9. After the fingers have cooled, drizzle the cuticles & severed ends with the condensed milk blood.

here’s to blood & guts & velvety cake!