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my ford focus titanium

i love cars; & i like my fords.
i unabashedly love my aging falcon xr6 turbo.
it’s been with me for years, & it’s brought me to wherever i’ve needed to go –
& yes, pretty quickly too.
so when i was asked to test drive my very own brand new ford focus titanium around for a few weeks,
i knew it was going to be fun.

now, the xr6t is quite honestly a badass car;
it’s got a 4.0-litre straight six-cylinder engine with a turbo & a huge peak torque delivery range.
the focus titanium has a 2.0-litre turbo-diesel four-cylinder engine.

the quality of that smaller engine is astounding
gutsy, sharp & concise.
it brilliantly exploits its impressive torque band & executes its gear shifts smoothly & effortlessly.
the handling is admirably responsive, nifty & engaging.
not to mention the solid craftsmanship & awesome power to economy ratio.

in other words,
i can’t get enough of how good this unassuming little car drives.
it’s definitely a classy hatch that shouldn’t be underestimated.
trust me, i’ve even forgotten which car i was driving.

true story.

in winning blue