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Every January the 26th is Australia Day,
& that means summer fruits, pavlovas, the Australian Open & fireworks!
i’ve been dreaming of making a fruit stack for ages,
& it’s the best idea ever!
it’s quick & simple,
vibrant & healthy (aka vegan-friendly),
& incredibly refreshing!
try it!
you won’t have to bake a thing!


Fruits galore
Skewers + toothpicks


1. Cut your tiers into cylindrical shapes from fruits of your choice (watermelon & other larger fruits work best as the base).
2. Stack the tiers, securing them with skewers.
3. Top with smaller fruits of your choice (you can use toothpicks to pin them to the sides).
4. Best served chilled for a fresh burst of flavour!

i been to cities that never close down
from New York to Rio & Old London Town
but no matter how far or how wide i roam
i still call Australia home

i’m always travelling
i love being free
& so i keep leaving the sun & the sea
but my heart lies waiting over the foam
i still call Australia home