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Here’s another super easy, no-bake hack to try out,
especially with Mother’s Day just around the corner.
it’s literally just a tower of beautiful fruit & florals draped over a base
(just for that wow factor)!
perfect for days (many, many days) when your entertaining game is non-existent.


Fruits of your choice (i picked out peaches & cherries)
Florals of your choice (roses & roses!)
Sturdy base (can be a styrofoam pyramid)


1. Shape & attach your base onto a serving platter.
2. Prep your fruits & flowers.
3. Stick them to the base with toothpicks.
4. Done! (No kidding!)

“oh, i
will keep you safe for all my life
& you
will have my heart for all of time
even on your darkest days
you know that i will never change
oh, i
will love you the same