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The days are getting colder as the Australian autumn rolls into a wintry haze,
& i’m envious of the blossoming flower fields that the rest of the world is frolicking in.
i get to create my very own spring meadow on the modest cakes that i bake,
& it’s a glorious mess.
i love how the fresh blooms perfume the room as i weave them into the cake,
& the mesmerizing music of the la, la land soundtrack lilting in the background..

“I am going to make everything around me beautiful. That will be my life.”
― Elsie de Wolfe

Here’s to the ones who dream
foolish as they may seem
here’s to the hearts that ache
here’s to the mess we make
she told me:
“a bit of madness is key
to give us new colors to see
who knows where it will lead us?
& that’s why they need us”