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hi guys!
so after eons of excuses about why i’ve been afk all this while
– it may involve winning a cruise & spending several sun-swept days at sea,
on a pristine beach somewhere in the tropics watching the evening sky turn a magnificent orange –
i’m finally back to where i’ve been learning to share glimpses of my life with the world.
so it’s only fitting that i offer these few snaps of a recent, fleeting moment.
of a lovely afternoon with my camera, two bushy-tailed friends & a walk.

meet meg // half-golden retriever, half-border collie. a two-currency dog that will do tricks for treats or walks. & who can tell you that there’s someone at the door, after the doorbell has rung.

here’s rover // meg’s new pal, the golden retriever. extremely friendly & for some reason always heads for the trees during walks.

yep this is a simple, little post,
but i’ve been busy with an exciting new project that is coming to fruition,
& sometimes,
you just need a break.
you just want simple.
& you just want to revel in the fuzzy glow of happy, furry faces.

how the best moments of our lives we scarcely notice except in looking back.”
― Joe Abercrombie, Red Country