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Another year, another birthday,
the FIFA World Cup finals & Bastille Day –
with vibrant tropical blooms,
colourful pony candles,
rich bread fresh from Germany,
polka-dotted flag buntings,
glimmering trails of fairy lights,
a little good wine,
a scrumptious food potluck & perfectly bbq-ed chicken,
the best celebration with great friends,
followed by some profound chats,
& a towering momofuku birthday cake!

My computer has been out of action for the longest time & it’s been ages since i’ve been able to post anything.
& even though i can’t show you what the party looked like,
i thought i could show you what it felt like with these lovely photos from other lovely photographers.
so enjoy!

super furry party animals!

The Explosion of Colors  42/52


Portugal Beach Picnic


Switzerland - Belalp: Mountain Drama

Lake Louise Banff National Park

hello friends. .

Saturday sun brought people & faces
that didn’t seem much in their day
but when i remember those people & places
they were really too good in their way.
think about stories with reason & rhyme
circling through your brain.
& think about people in their season & time
returning again & again.

. . & pure contentment

dreams of dogs