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i’ve come to realize that the best way to deal with holiday snapshots are months or years later,
when the magic & thrill of the adventure has become a distant, but ever sparkling memory,
when everyone has almost forgotten the finer details of the journey taken,
& you’re back in the warmth of the world you’re familiar with.
there’s a sense of renewed joy & excitement when you flip through the photos again,
& even the recollection of how it was taken titillates you.

& my shocking efficiency at editing them.

“There was music & sweet guitars,
& in her eyes were a million stars.
She was lovely beyond compare;
& in that moment,
i had learned to care.
She was to me, a serenade;
a melody that my heart had played.
& all too soon, i had to go;
she understood that i loved her so.”
— Nat King Cole, Madrid

madrid madrid