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& so. .the adventure begins

“We ate well & cheaply & drank well & cheaply & slept well & warm together & loved each other.”
― Ernest Hemingway, A Moveable Feast

i once read that there is a romance to travelling.
it’s as if, when you leave your hometown, you also leave yourself behind.
you’re free to become whatever, whoever you care to imagine.
you’re a stranger, not just to everyone else, but to yourself.
you are wide open for self discovery.
&, perhaps because of that, you are more open to the rest of the world & its fascinations.

this summer, i’ll be in Europe among the ancient architecture
& blooming meadows
& bustling fresh food markets
& fragrant summer air
— & i can’t wait.

“Paris. .is a world meant to be seen by the walker alone, for only the pace of strolling can take in all the rich (if muted) detail.”
— Edmund White, The Flâneur

i have no desire to do anything else,
but to loiter,
& watch,
& fully experience the places that i find myself in.

oh darling, let's be adventurers

yes, let’s.

. .those are the most magical moments in life


collect moments // not things


so. .

here's to new adventures

holocene: an epoch spanning over 10,000 years

it is in these moments,
lost in the world,

weaving through the grand path of human existence,
that you realize your humble insignificance,
in this insurmountable, limitless universe of ours.

yet you are reminded that you are still a part of all of this.

you remember your connection to humanity,
your infinite place in time,
however vast our history.

& you’re struck by the dazzling beauty of all that you see,
the immortal stories of what you hear,
& your eternal oneness with the rest of civilisation;
among the indescribable greatness of humankind.

& you are empowered.
you learn.
you grow.
you live.

& i could see for miles, miles, miles. .