Stunning vids to snuggle up with a mug of warm chai,
away from the wintry cold
(or the sweltering heat of the summer sunshine for my northern hemispheric friends).

i now know how to make bread on a stick,
turn flowers into bowls,
open my beer with a wheelchair,
& try to keep my jaw from dropping while watching the sexiest macarons ever made.

But, most importantly,
i’ve been reminded to cherish my loved ones
& to ‘do what you love & do it often’.

breakfast for two

diy valentine’s cakes & carnival hearts

beet cake

honey harvest

classic pesto

the art of making bread

campfire twist bread

cranberry mulled cider

blondie cupcakes with raspberry buttercream

s’mores cupcakes

millefeuille fruits rouges


asparagus baked eggs

coconut water shaved ice w/ strawberry basil syrup

cheddar beer toast w/ chives aka welsh rarebit

raspberry rose & pistachio pavlova

english toffee

blueberry muffin ice cream

fondue & white jura & other shenanigans

p.u.r.e. seduction.

classic chocolate cake

chocolate chip cookies

red velvet

how a fresh breakfast is made on the lush fig & fauna farm

pineapple upside-down cake

mojitos, chips, and salsa

the apple galette

baba au rhum

japanese knotweed quiche

rosemary lemon arctic char

strawberry rhubarb sorbet in ice bowls

microgreens salad

chestnut mousse in lemon thyme shortbread

maple syrup pie

how to make nut milk

how to cook quinoa

bottle cap blues

eggs poached

strawberries & cream

This last video is a tribute to Mikey, for his wife Jennie.
This was her request when he passed away suddenly from a heart attack this day last year.
So, the next time you have a pie,
it wouldn’t hurt to be thankful for those that you love.

a peanut butter pie for mikey

live your dream & share your passion.