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Today is a special day for France.

& I wish all my french friends a very Happy Bastille Day!

 But . .

it’s also my birthday!

I hope you enjoy this bright new day no matter what!



My friends are awesome!

Thank you so much for the incredible home-made brunch (of course!) & totally wicked gifts!

pretty trinkets from all over europe & the book of skulls from my cool hipster friend Ben

Check out his rad blog teres major.

a hand-printed spanish devotional from the 1800s found in a musky little antique bookstore hidden in the lanes behind the Valencia Cathedral, a delicate glass jar from a quaint village in the Cotswolds, a wood-carved pipe to remind me of the intoxicating shisha scents & breath-taking architecture of the Alhambra in Granada, & the famous aromas of tar & roses from the beloved Barolo vintages that you can’t leave Italy w/o

jewelled skulls, slick knives, scattered flowers & lord tennyson

the slender acacia would not shake
one long milk-bloom on the tree;
the white lake-blossom fell into the lake
as the pimpernel dozed on the lea;
but the rose was awake all night for your sake,
knowing your promise to me;
the lilies & roses were all awake,
they sigh’d for the dawn & thee.

the ideal gift for days of mystical imagery & gothic poetry

because i like skulls

skull, champagne & floral colour

i remember you
do you remember me too
born on the 14th of July
the smell of roses made her cry
& though you’re going far from home
rest assured you’re not alone
‘cause i would give everything that i own
i’d give you my heart & this skin & these bones
the sun the moon the earth the sky
i’d never even stopped to wonder why
i would do anything
i would give everything
to be your everything

lovely freckled bark

single malt whisky over ice is the perfect way to drift into the night

where the golden hues of malt & grain glisten in the candlelight

& then wash it all down w/ some smooth vodka from a crystal skull

oh, & the delicious macarons were from Cacao Fine Chocolates & Patisserie, with love. FYI, these babies taste even better than they look!

Cacao Fine Chocolates & Patisserie on Urbanspoon