changing the world with food. one cupcake at a time.

support these hearts of gold.


a not-for-profit social enterprise based in Melbourne, Australia

provides relevant hands-on hospitality training, mentoring & experience to marginalised youth facing barriers to obtaining fair access to training & work opportunities

hosts dinners at generous restaurants for the trainees to practice their skills

the current Winter dinners are being overseen by the gorgeous Ricky Holt


an international relief & development organization that works with communities & governments in more than 90 countries to fight poverty, hunger & social injustice

their GROW campaign styled by the creative team at The Jewels of New York illustrates the impact of U.S. Congress decisions on American food aid programs & aims to build a better food system

Thankyou Water

an Australian social enterprise that seeks to fight the world water crisis

every bottle sold provides at least one month’s worth of safe water to someone in need

The Sustainable Table

a nonprofit environmental group that aims to provide awareness on how interlinked our food system is with the environment, while exploring practical solutions to the sustainability issues

without a sustainable environment, we will not have enough food to feed ourselves/without a sustainable food system, we will not have a natural environment to support our food growing capacity

Sharing Abundance

lovingly locates, harvests & maintains trees with perfectly beautiful fruit being allowed to drop & rot on footpaths, alleyways & backyards, then shares the fruit equitably in the community

offers 3 different ways in their local food system: harvesting (mobilizes volunteers to pick the bounty & care for the tree), mapping (maps urban areas where fresh food can be collected on or over public land), & signage (designs & distributes signage systems to manage the relationships between urban foragers & tree owners)

Plates for Mates

set up by the caring friends & colleagues of Australian chef Matt Golinski, who lost his entire family in a house fire

assists both Matt (who was himself severely burned by the blaze) & The McComb Foundation in helping individuals heal who have been both physically & emotionally hurt by burn injuries