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the Centre for Education & Research in Environmental Strategies is a not-for-profit urban farm community gloriously thriving on green technology, sustainable living & their own fresh organic produce

provides a blissful & vibrant farm/nursery/market/cafe sanctuary right in the heart of a bustling city

80% of the cafe menu consists of fresh, organic & seasonal ingredients, traditional Australian food plants & bushfoods

offers numerous organic dietary options for everyone

check out CERES & get inspired

CERES Organic Cafe

Corner of Roberts & Stewart Streets, Brunswick East, Australia VIC 3057

+61 9389 0155

Mon-Fri: 8.30am-4pm; Sat: 8.30am-5pm; Sun: 9am-5pm

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CERES organic chai – regular chai spices mixed w/ Australian bushfoods of aniseed myrtle, lemon myrtle, pepper berry & fresh ginger w/ honey on the side

savour all the greenery w/ your kids & your dog

free range organic scrambled eggs w/ cream & fresh herbs served w/ sourdough toast brushed w/ herb-infused olive oil & smoked tofu + organic dandelion latte – roasted dandelion root infused in milk

the milk chocolate & hazelnut muffin – all cakes & sweets are made on site

fresh flowers & colourful banners

free range organic fried eggs w/ sourdough toast brushed w/ herb-infused olive oil & house-made slow cooked beans

the gluten free orange & almond cake is considered one of the best in town

aside from the Organic cafe, the Merri Table & Bar provides delicious breakfast buffet options for visitors

the organic market & shop sells fresh produce & other biodynamic & fairtrade groceries, while you never know what hand-made or vintage treasures you may find at the adjacent craft market

the local & organic fruits & vegetables are mostly sourced from the park’s Honey Lane & Merri Creek market gardens, or from other sustainable growers & backyard producers in Melbourne

the CERES community food network also packs Fair Food boxes that can be delivered to a distribution point near you

the CERES Urban Orchard Project allows backyard growers to share their excess produce by swapping their home-grown fruits & vegetables w/ those brought in by others

the resident chooks enjoy free range life from dawn to dusk every day, returning to their fox-proof enclosure at night

seize the opportunity to be able to collect your own eggs & enjoy the freshness & flavour that have made them so popular

enjoy the company of over 260 Isa brown laying hens, all called Hazel, the next time you visit the CERES Farm

the Permaculture & Bushfood Nursery is filled w/ plants, flowers & herbs to encourage backyard food production

CERES’ very own Propagation enterprise sustains both the market gardens & the nursery

get lost in the sea of seasonal herbs like cinnamon basil, lemon thyme, chocolate mint & purple coneflower

the delirious choices of seed & seedlings, bushfood & fruit trees to make your own will spoil you

healthy soil is healthy plants

more chooks

wonder how they get so fat?

extra furry legs

the Water Trail teaches future generations about water conservation & management in the world’s driest inhabited continent (despite this, Australians are the greatest consumers of water per person)

the Food Trail tracks the CERES food cycle of production, distribution & consumption

50 community gardens allow residents w/o suitable yards to grow their own vegetables

sun drenched garden fences

explore the grounds & fall in love w/ the fresh food

just let go